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L.E.I. BirdStops delivers high quality solutions to prevent birds from building nests within streetlights, which ultimately leads to expensive repairs.

Founder and inventor Joe LaForge has had 'hands on' experience in the hydro-electric field for over thirty five years.

Joe takes great pride in his product, believing in superior customer service and a job well done. He conducts his business practices with honesty, integrity and respect. His genuine personality allows him to be most comfortable with people, and very approachable.

His extensive knowledge in streetlight systems and maintenance has allowed him to understand the detrimental effects of birds nesting in streetlight heads, hence, prompting him to design a product that would prevent the birds and bees from entering the opening in the back of the light.


"Not only will
L.E.I. BirdStops prolong the life of the streetlight, but also the life of the birds."


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