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Our L.E.I. BirdStop is designed to cover the entire rear entrance and perch point of the luminaire, therefore making it virtually impossible for the birds and bees to land and nest within the luminaire. 

Eliminating bird’s nests will significantly reduce streetlight maintenance costs. 
Because L.E.I. BirdStops are located on the outside of the streetlight they are visible and can be inspected from the ground.

Cities can determine whether the L.E.I. BirdStop has been installed on every streetlight and maintenance inspection becomes simple yet efficient. 

L.E.I. BirdStops are made from a dynamic vulcanized rubber, which is a superior material that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and is UV resistant.

The L.E.I. BirdStop Advantages

  • Quick and easy installation from the outside of the fixture

  • Can be installed and removed using a class 0 to class 4 rubber glove, which complies with all safety regulations

  • Flexible, durable material that is resistant to extreme temperatures and ultra violet rays

  • 100% recyclable Material is flexure fatigue resistant so it will not break apart during installation

  • Visible from the ground Cost effective Will not interfere with the operation or maintenance of the fixture

  • Reduces the amount of emergency call outs due to electrical fires in streetlights caused by bird’s nests

  • Avionic protection Reduces the loss of bird life caused from the destruction of nests during maintenance

  • Can be custom manufactured to fit any fixture L.E.I. BirdStops are universal and will fit both 1 ¼” and 2” pipe diameter

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